I channel light, color, and healing imagery through the medium of paint. My pieces include depictions of the physical world like a plant, a landscape, a boat, a feather. These are touchstones that lead the viewer (and me as I create the piece) into unseen worlds and interplays of a poetry of color. I believe these 'realms' and these 'visual poems' to be beneficial. I also paint intuitively, bringing visual expression to experiences like Spirit, emotion, consciousness, and the landscape inside the physical body. This is art as medicine, guide, mirror, play and looking glass.

When I work, I often hear sounds in my 'inner ear,' and I tone and sing these as I paint. I feel the sound adds a layer to the quality and vibration of the artwork. Dolphins and whales sing in the waters both their own communication and expression as well as upholding & benefitting life on planet earth through frequencies. My paintings exist as 3D packages of 5D+ currents of light, sound and color. I am interested in the multidimensional realities- that light, sound, and color directly relate to- that exist in between the fabric of this physical reality. I feel these frequencies have direct benefit to enhancing and uplifting humanity and the Earth. I am interested in creating alchemy (change) and positively affecting this manifest world with the frequencies of the dimensions of Love, Light, Acceptance and Compassion: the frequencies of the Angels. I am interested in the field of energy (potentiality) that bridges us together- humanity and the Earth, humanity and God, humanity and each other.

A note on one theme I work with repeatedly: water, vessel, and star. To me, it is visual poetry of the soul's human journey. The heart center of a human being is depicted by this visual. The heart organ itself pumps blood and it is a water vessel like a boat or a water bird. The heart is essentially structured, made of strong muscle tissue, 4 distinct chambers. She is our tool of consciousness across the vast sea of collective consciousness, our heart is our compass. She has built in the ability to read the stars. (Her 4 chambers= the 4 direction medicine wheel and the 4 directions- both the compass points (navigational tool) and the Spiritual matrix with the innate ability to connect with Light (consciousness), or navigate by the stars. Stars are eternal light. The heart we see depicted in Latino/Christian iconography is the Sacred Heart, the energetic anatomy within the fleshy vessel that is ON FIRE. Passion, love, light, wisdom, direction from the Divine, Christ consciousness, are here. The alchemy of fire and water, the map, compass and terrain, are alive in our hearts and I expand this relationship into the imagery of water ~ vessel ~ star.