Declare IV
September 2012, Performance and Photographs
Two Lace Tablecloths
Collaboration with Joseph Giddings

I took the work to Burning Man in the Nevada desert September 2012. I took it to Matter (water & earth) in March, now I took it to Spirit (air & fire). In this dry and dreamlike landscape I explored the absence of nourishment- thirst, hunger, desire, longing. Bodily and emotional needs and desires that had been suppressed carried an aggressive, wounded charge. Integrating what was denied by self, relationship, other, family, society, patriarchy, culture. Release of shadow through movement in deep expansive Playa desert. Strength found in surrender to what is true. I WANT. I NEED.

Surrender, death, rebirth, snake, scorpionic energy. Needs. Maturing. Asking for what is desired. Release of binding family patterns, loss of innocence, mature, sexual, standing.

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