Libation for Cy, 2011
Wooden chair, apricots, sheep's wool, owl feathers, terracotta pitcher, California and Italian wine.
Sculpture, Performance, Photography
With Joe Giddings, photographer

Original Performance at Ocean Beach, SF. Installation at Adobe Books Backroom Gallery, SF.

On July 5, 2011 the artist Cy Twombly passed, and I created this piece. The chair speaks of memorial, stillness, memory. The apricots and wine are offerings to his spirit. The paper boat forms carried these offerings to sea in a performance at Ocean Beach, SF. The boat performance/ritual had much movement, play, dynamism. The chair and boat forms, as well as the round orange fruits and liquid red wine, relate to forms and marks in Cy's paintings. (and mine). The lined up boats preparing to face the crashing waves and the chaos that ensued relate to battle scenes, which Cy Twombly depicted in his epic paintings of Greek and Roman Mythology.

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Adobe Backroom Gallery, 2011